Wheat State Telephone is a local telecommunications provider serving 722 square miles of rugged Kansas terrain. Wheat State serves customers in these rural areas with telephone, long distance, internet services and television services. Serving residents and businesses in the communities of:

• Cassoday

• Matfield Green

• Olpe

• Potwin

• Rock

• Udall

Since 1950, Wheat State Telephone has been on the cutting edge of communications services. Today, Wheat State connects its customers to a fiber optic network called Fiber to the Home (FTTH). This fiber optic technology is the most advanced available and replaces yesterday’s copper telephone wire.

Wheat State Telephone FTTH network helps define successful communities just as good water, power, public safety, and schools have done for decades. Through fiber Wheat State transmits phone, Internet, and television services over the same fiber optic line and greatly enhances the quality and performance of all three. With FTTH, you can look forward to feature-rich phone service, much faster Internet speeds, and digital television with crystal clear picture and sound as well as convenient video viewing options. It’s all part of our commitment to provide our customers with the latest ways to stay connected, informed, and entertained — both today and into the future.

Service Menu:

• Local Telephone Services

• Long Distance Services

• Video/Television Services

• Data Communications Services

• High Speed Internet Service

• High Speed Network Internet Connectivity

• Internet Security Services

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