Say good-bye to your answering machine

Answering machines were a great invention, but Voice Mail from Wheat State Telephone
offers you so much more. With Voice Mail, your friends can leave a message when you’re online, when you’re on the phone, or when you’re away
... so you won’t miss any important calls. You can retrieve your messages either from home or remotely from any phone, anywhere.
You’ll have less to think about when using Voice Mail from Wheat State Telephone. No buttons to remember to turn on. No tapes to buy and replace. No machine on your counter to dust. Wheat State’s Voice Mail is an electronic voice messaging service added to your existing phone line for just pennies per day.
Are you ready to give your answering machine the goodbye message? There’s no better time to get started with Wheat State’s Voice Mail service than today. When you order our Voice Mail service, we’ll waive the one-time activation fee. (That’s a $16.00 value.*)

Stop by our office  or give  us a call at 1-800-442-6835 to learn how you
can get  signed up today. Ask about how you can start retrieving Voice  Mail messages via email.

Basic Voice Mail                 $3.95/mo

Voice Mail Pro                    $6.95/mo

includes basic voice mail and voicemail to E-mail feature

*Voice Mail Pro included FREE in all ONE PRICE bundles

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