Guard against budget busting Internet repairs, enroll in Service Guard

For only  $4.95/month, protect your Internet equipment, telephone wiring  and jacks

You can guard against budget-busting repairs to interior phone wiring and your high-speed Internet equipment with Wheat State’s SERVICE GUARD.

SERVICE GUARD* includes all the benefits of WIRE GUARD – diagnosis, repair and replacement parts for interior phone wires – and adds that same protection for any high-speed Internet wiring and equipment purchased from Wheat State. And, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your equipment, and make sure your Wheat State services are trouble-free.

Without SERVICE GUARD, you’ll pay a $25 trip fee, $75/hour for labor and up to $125 for equipment replacement!

Save $99!
Add Service Guard when adding High  Speed Internet and your Internet Installation is FREE!

*The plan does not include damage caused by natural disaster, flood, earthquake, riot, acts of war, gross negligence, willful damage, vandalism or fire.

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